Investigations 3

Investigations in Number, Data and Space 3 is a coherent and focused K-5 mathematics curriculum that supports students in making sense of mathematical ideas and supports their teachers in making sense of both mathematics content and student thinking. It embodies the Mathematical Practices in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M), and fully aligns to the Content Standards. Investigations 3 represents the culmination of over 20 years of research and development aimed at improving the teaching and learning of elementary mathematics. Developed at TERC and published by Pearson, it is available for use in school year 2016-2017.

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Investigations PD

For seventeen years, those attending Investigations PD have experienced mathematics learning and teaching in ways that have transformed their own teaching and understanding of how children learn mathematics. These professional development workshops and institutes are for teachers, administrators and mathematics leaders in schools and districts implementing the Investigations in Number, Data and Space® curriculum including the new 3rd edition.

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Mixing in Math

Mixing in Math (MiM) is for after-school educators, librarians, camp counselors, parents, and others who spend time with children from ages 2-10 mix math into everything they do with children. Aligned with the Common Core Math Standards K-5, MiM builds children’s skills in geometry, measurement, arithmetic, estimation, time, data, patterns, and algebra.

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EMPower Plus

EMPower (Extending Mathematical Power) is a mathematics curriculum for non-traditional students enrolled in adult basic education, high school equivalency, and transitional courses to college, as well students in alternative high schools, workplace settings or corrections programs. EMPower helps adults develop mathematical proficiency to more effectively engage with the world, whether that be at work, at home as parents and caregivers, in the community, or as they seek high school credentials and further education. EMPower Plus is the updated and enhanced versions of three titles (Using Benchmarks, Split It Up, and Everyday Number Sense) in the original EMPower™ series. EMPower Plus titles, as well as the original series, align with Career and College Readiness Standards for Adult Education.

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Play & Learn with Zoombinis

Zoombinis is back and ready to be played on iPads, tablets, and computers. As in the original, you'll find 12 math-based logic puzzles, each with 4 levels of difficulty.  Sort, sequence, and match the quirky blue characters to help them escape the evil Bloats and get to the safety of Zoombiniville.

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Teachers grades 3-8 can sign up for the study, bridging activities, and standards matching at:

Signing Math Dictionary

The Signing Math Dictionary (SMD) is one in a series of illustrated, interactive 3D sign language dictionaries and pictionaries. The SMD is designed for grade 4-8 students who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and use American Sign Language (ASL) or Signed English (SE) in the classroom. The SMD supports access to standards-based math content among elementary and middle school students and is a great resource for teachers and parents!

The dictionary contains 705 math terms and will link to definitions in other dictionaries and pictionaries from our series.

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