Improving the Undergraduate STEM Experience

March 13 - 14, 2014
National Academy of Sciences 
2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, D.C.

This two-day conference was designed to capture and distill best practices and lessons learned from institutions that have demonstrated capacity to create and sustain innovative programs. Dr. Shirley Malcom, head of education and human resources programs at AAAS delivered the keynote address and a distinguished panel of thought leaders led the first morning session on Designing & Evaluating Innovation at Different Scales: From Individual Projects to Structural Reform. 

Panelists included

Daniel Goroff, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Jay Labov, Senior Advisor for Education and Communication, National Research Council
Jeanne Narum, Principal, Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC), Director of the Independent Colleges Office (ICO)
Nancy Shapiro, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University System of Maryland
M.J. Bishop, Director of the Center for Innovation and Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CIELT) at the University System of Maryland.

Each panelist also facilitated breakout sessions. The agenda along with links to suggested readings and captioned, searchable videos of the keynote address and panelists’ presentations are available at the conference website

The conference was organized by TERC as part of a grant from NSF to build an online network for the I3 projects and to disseminate lessons learned. Joni Falk is the  Principal Investigator, Kathryn Hobbs is co-Principal Investigator. A full conference report will be issued in Summer 2014. 


Conference Videos

 Keynote Address

Transforming STEM Education: Where Gladly Will They ALL LEARN
Shirley Malcom


Generating Evidence Requires Plans, Not Just Data
Daniel Goroff


Moving from Filters to Pumps in STEM: Restructuring Introductory Undergraduate STEM Courses

Jay Labov

Constructing Out-of-the-Box, Resilient Environments for Undergraduate STEM Learning Communities
Jeanne Narum


Paving the Way for Sustainable Change: How Administrative Policies and Practices Impact STEM Innovation
Nancy Shapiro / M.J. Bishop