Girls' Energy Conservation Corps Featured On

September 1, 2010

TERC's NSF-funded Girls' Energy Conservation Corps (GECCo) is featured on the National Science Foundation's homepage today and in the corresponding September issue of 'NSF Current'—the organization's online newsletter. The project mention is currently located here as number 2 on the scrolling features bar.

GECCo is an energy conservation patch program for junior girl scouts funded by the National Science Foundation (grant #0813434). TERC, in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts and 360KID, is developing programming and activities to help junior scouts ages 8-11 become energy-conscious 'agents of change' to implement and promote energy conservation in their troops, homes, schools, and communities.

For more information on GECCo, please visit the project website or the TERC project description.