New 'Data Mining' Monograph Hits the Shelves

March 3, 2009



CAMBRIDGE, MA– The latest monograph to support the work behind the Using Data project explores the power of collaborative inquiry in helping educators use data to enact change.

Using Data to Improve Learning for All: A Collaborative Inquiry Approach is part "how-to" handbook, part case-study guide, and expands upon models for collaborative inquiry first presented in The Data Coach’s Guide to Improving Learning for All Students. Real-life success stories from districts in Tennessee and Nevada help contextualize an intensive set of practical methodologies that educators can use to collectively question and analyze student achievement data in order to improve student learning.

With a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2003, the Using Datadevelopers field-tested a program to provide educators with the skills and knowledge needed to make constructive use of school data for improved learning and teaching. Today, the project consists of professional development workshops, online coursework for educators, and an accompanying series of publications that have helped teachers and administrators make dramatic improvements in narrowing achievement gaps and changing school cultures to promote the rigorous and continuous engagement with data. For more information about the Using Dataproject, please visit the project’s website here.