TERC Senior Scientist Andee Rubin Quoted in EdWeek article on Math in Museums

June 6, 2013



CAMBRIDGE, MA– TERC Senior Scientist Andee Rubin was quoted in Caralee J. Adams’ “Museums Open Doors to Informal Math Learning”. Adams’ article appears in the June 5th print edition of EdWeek, and focuses on examples of museums—including the recently-opened National Museum of Mathematics in New York—effectively cultivating math learning experiences through exhibit design.

Andee Rubin, a Senior Scientist, has contributed to the Math Momentum in Science CentersMath in Zoos and Aquariums (MiZA), and Design Zone projects (the third of which, a traveling museum exhibit that engages visitors in algebraic reasoning, was described in Adams’ article). She is currently mentoring aquarium and zoo educators in doing their own research about visitors’ experiences in their institutions through the Zoo and Aquarium Action Research Collaborative (ZAARC)project. She is also the Principal Investigator for INK-12: Teaching and Learning Using Interactive Ink Inscriptions project—a study of the use of wireless networks of tablet computers in elementary classrooms—and Using Technology to Support Mathematical Argumentation, a project developing a system in which students can create representation-based proofs of mathematical generalizations.

To read the article, visit: EdWeek.

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