TERC Senior Researcher Judy Storeygard Authors Article for AANE Journal Spring Issue

July 10, 2013



CAMBRIDGE, MA– TERC Senior Researcher Judy Storeygard has authored “Yes, Elementary Students with Asperger Syndrome Can Learn Math” for Issue 11 of theAANE Journal, the member publication of the Asperger’s Association of New England (AANE).

In her article, Storeygard draws on her research with students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms and presents five math teaching strategies for educators of students with Asperger Syndrome. The strategies outlined in the article emphasize focus on student strengths and learning needs to provide effective scaffolds and supports for individualized learning. Drawn from classroom examples from Storeygard’s latest book Count Me In! K-5: Including Learners With Special Needs in Mathematics Classrooms (2012) Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, the teaching strategies include: 1) Making word problems explicit; 2) Using representations to model abstract concepts; 3) Developing computational strategies and routines for sense-making; 4) Incorporating technological tools; and 5) Working with partners to foster AS students’ mathematical understanding.

Currently, Issue 11 is available to AANE members and donors. To become a member, visit: http://www.aane.org/make_difference. To download past issues of the Journal, visit: http://www.aane.org//aane_journal. Individual copies of “Yes, Elementary Students with Asperger Syndrome Can Learn Math” by Judy Storeygard can be procured by emailing judy_storeygard@terc.edu.